Tiny Living DIY Wall Hanging Herb Garden


Lately I have really gotten into plants and DIY. My partner, cat and I live in a cute, quaint and character filled one-bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor (top floor) of our building. We don’t have a balcony – which sometimes makes me a little bit sad, but we face south and get some amazing light & sun in our little home every day which I absolutely love.


As I’ve been getting more and more into plants, and spring has officially arrived, I have been finding myself reminiscing on my childhood days when I used to help my mom and my dad in their gardens! At my moms, almost the whole of our backyard was a garden, I remember helping to hoe the rows and plant the seeds and at my dad’s, he would section off a little area for me beside his massive garden that I could call my own… he mainly did the work as I was only there every second weekend, but I was proud nonetheless.


If I’m honest, scrolling Instagram hasn’t helped, I mean everyone is out in their cute yards, planting gardens in their beautiful raised DIY garden beds – and I’m over here dreaming and manifesting my one day very own beautiful backyard with a huge garden that I can just love on hard! So in the meantime – my brain started searching for ideas and inspiration.


Now I realize I am probably not the inventor of this little project that I have created for myself, but I am extremely proud and excited about the execution of it and wanted to share it with you!


I had been searching for plant stands on the IKEA website for a while because, well quite frankly, I am running out of space for all of my plant babies… and I started thinking to myself, “Our apartment can’t really handle too many more shelving units, or surfaces without it starting to look really cramped, cluttered & crowded.” So I knew that I was going to have to create something that was elevated and could hold space for a few plant babies at a time.


I kept seeing their towel/blanket ladder stand being advertised and somewhere along the way, it just clicked! I could use this towel/blanket ladder to create a hanging herb wall garden!! It fit all of the boxes, it wasn’t taking up too much space, it didn’t require shelves, it’s not super clunky… and I could so easily just hang planter boxes off of it – Boom!!

Since IKEA has recently been closed for so long, this idea has been burning in me for ages… and I FINALLY (which I totally understand – with everything going on it’s a little wild out there) got to go and get everything I needed to make this ensemble come to life!


Naturally I didn’t wait for the ensemble itself before I headed out herb shopping – seriously, I had never known me to be this way, but any excuse to get to a greenhouse and I am in there like white on rice! You feel me!?


So I decided that if I was doing my calculations right, I knew that I could fit three 6” plants in each container. I didn’t want to plant the plants directly into the hanging baskets because then I would have to incorporate rocks for drainage and that was just going to get too heavy; so I went ahead and brought home two Lavender plants (OH EM GEE and they’re flowering which I am so over the moon about), two mint plants and two basil plants – oh and a single catnip for Finn (our adorable little fur child!) and his little garden that I am putting together as well… but that’s a story for another day!


Right, first things first, you’ll need:

  • A Towel Ladder – I used the VILTO towel stand from IKEA
  • Hanging Planters – I used the SOCKER Flower box with holder from IKEA (I got two of them, I may venture for a third one when it’s all said and done!)
  • A Stud Finder
  • A Drill
  • A Sunny Spot for your herbs to grow lush!
  • Herbs
  • Nursery Planters 6” (If you’re doing the same as me)
  • A passion for DIY & Gardens


I would suggest first deciding where you want your wall garden to go! You can always move it around later but in my experience, starting projects without a plan can sometimes turn into chaos!


Once you’ve decided on your location, it’s time to get to work! Make sure you have a screw driver at the ready, or a drill, whip open that towel stand of yours and get at it! As I recently heard and had a laugh about from my friend Nikki, “IKEA is like adult lego.”  


When you’re stand is up and running, make sure to secure it to the wall (this is where your handy dandy stud finder comes into play!) just in case - we don’t want any accidents!


Plant your herbs into 6” nursery pots – again, I’ve chosen to do this so that the planters aren’t extremely weighed down by drainage rocks and pounds of soil. This way, I can easily transport the plant hanger to the sink, pop out my herbs, give them a good soaking, let them drain, pop them back into their hangers and away they go!


And when you’ve finished planting your herbs, simply pop them into their hangers and there you have it – a super simple and easy peasy Wall Hanging Herb Garden!



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