Black Onyx & Pink Pearl Necklace
Black Onyx & Pink Pearl Necklace

Black Onyx & Pink Pearl Necklace

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Black Onyx & Pink Freshwater Pearl necklace with accents of grounding hematite.

Black Onyx inspires the feeling of being in your personal power, initiation and change as it guides you in facing your fears. Black Onyx will help to soothe you, absorbing and transforming negative energy, protecting your system from becoming drained. It brings strength, promotes stamina and helps you to remain at ease with your surroundings.

Fresh Water Pearl is a wise stone that reminds you, wisdom is gained through experience. Pearl is a beautiful soft spoken stone that will bring a sense of strength, inner confidence and serenity reminding you to grow through what you go through. It will help to anchor you into what is most important to you, cultivating a deep sense of self-love and generosity. 

Each necklace is 16.5" long, complete with a plated silver lobster claw clasp.