You Are The Elements Mala
You Are The Elements Mala

You Are The Elements Mala

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This happy, light inspired, sunshiny mala is made with the colours of the elements, reminding you that what you see on the outside is also within. Turn to yourself in times of need, you already have all that you seek.

Yellow Mookaite will remind you that there is nothing to worry or fear, bringing you back to your strength - there is nothing that you cannot handle, you are stronger than you think and you are walking the path of your destiny. Believe in it. Believe in you. Mookaite is also a powerhouse when it comes to creating a grounded and stable connection to self. This stone activates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras - hello abundance.

Rhodonite is said to be the stone of compassion, one that stimulates, clears & activates the heart and nurtures feelings of love. Rhodonite will bring you back to your centre in stressful times and is an emotional balancer that helps to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past.

African Amazonite is a stone of wisdom, courage and truth. It inspires the energy of ancient magic, jungle tales and is a force to be reckoned with - and yet at the same time has a presence of calm and harmony. Amazonite is known to help balance the masculine & feminine energies of the energetic body and helps one to see all perspectives of a situation. A beautiful stone to wear on a self discovery & growth journey.

Lepidolite is a beautifully light and free feel-good stone. It is said to help harmonize any emotions that may be running wild under the surface, bringing a soothing and calming energy to the wearer. Lepidolite is known as the stone of transition, the peace stone, the Grandmother stone and is extremely nurturing & stabilizing. Allow it to cleanse your energy & bring alignment back to your energetic body.