Abundance SoulStack 'B'

Abundance SoulStack 'B'

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Citrine, Moss Agate, Copper Plated Hematite

Bracelet 1 - Half Sandalwood, Half Citrine, divided by Copper Plated Hematite

Bracelet 2 - Half Sandalwood, Half Moss Agate, divided by Copper Plated Hematite

Bracelet 3 - Copper Plated Hematite

You are already abundant, you have everything that you need within you to create the most abundant experience for this life, you just need to trust, believe and unlock your gifts within.

The Abundance stack helps to keep your vibration high calling in that which you desire. Citrine, known as the happy stone is also known as a stone of abundance. It's vibration is so high it is said that negative energies cannot attach to it. While Citrine keeps your frequency high and clears the negative energies, Moss Agate keeps you grounded while opening your heart space allowing you to tune more into love. Moss Agate reminds you that there is beauty in all that you behold and when you are truly grateful, you attract more of what you desire.

Wear your Abundance stack as your own little splash of magic!