Bloom SoulStack 'B'
Bloom SoulStack 'B'

Bloom SoulStack 'B'

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Garnet, Rhodonite, Rose Gold Plated Hematite

Bracelet 1 - Half Sandalwood, Half Garnet, divided by Rose Gold Plated Hematite

Bracelet 2 - Half Sandalwood, Half Rhodonite, divided by Rose Gold Plated Hematite

Bracelet 3 - Rose Gold Plated Hematite

This heart opening trio reminds you to tune into yourself and allow yourself to Bloom. As spring is approaching now is the best time to plants the seeds of our intentions and send them out into the world.

With Garnet revitalizing your energy and igniting the passion from within, Rhodonite brings a powerful surge of love, opening our heart spaces and reminding us of what is important in this life!

Allow the inspiration to flow through you, to connect you to what you are creating and birthing into this world!

The Bloom set will support you and your intentions helping them to become a reality.