Close to the Earth Mala
Close to the Earth Mala

Close to the Earth Mala

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This strong, nurturing, soothing, earth inspired mala brings you back into harmony with your truth and alignment with your soul. Her elements are earthy, grounded and like those of a tree, the soil, the wood and the leaves. She's inspiring, rooting you deep into the earth so that you can create the foundation that you need to grow, to flourish and to stand tall.

Black Onyx inspires the feeling of being in your personal power, initiation and change as it guides you in facing your fears. Black Onyx will help to soothe you, absorbing and transforming negative energy, protecting your system from becoming drained. It brings strength, promotes stamina and helps you to remain at ease with your surroundings.

Wooden Jasper is known as the 'supreme nurturer', Jasper brings tranquility and wholeness. It will assist in balancing the yin & yang energies, support during times of stress and protect against negative energies. Jasper is an amazing stone to help re-energize the body while staying grounded.

Russian Serpentine is an earthing stone, reminding you to return to your roots, your truth and your desires and to drown out the noise of those outside sources. It's a great meditation aid and enhances spiritual exploration. Serpentine is a great stone to carry with you when you want to feel as though you're in the drivers seat of your own journey.