Grounded Presence
Grounded Presence
Grounded Presence

Grounded Presence

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Agate, Matte Smoky Quartz, Matte Tiger's Eye, Matte Green Line Jasper

This mala will help to connect you back to your core. Green line Jasper will gently open your heart space while Tiger's Eye will bring balance & remind you of your innate power. Smoky Quartz will help to ground your energy while Agate will help to cleanse and stabilize your aura.

Green Line Jasper:
Green Line Jasper, like all Jasper is a beautiful rooting and grounding stone. It's a great stone to wear when you're wanting to feel balanced, close to the earth and connected to all of the abundance that mama Gaia has to offer.

This soft & subtle energy helps to connect you deeper into your heart space, release the walls that you may have built up over time and to live in your essence.

Tiger's Eye:
This stone beautifully combines the energies of the earth with the energies of the sun to help create a high vibrational state that is balanced yet grounded. This stone will help to strengthen your personal truth, bring clarity to your vision and a little luck in your step. Allow Tiger's Eye to unlock your gifts and tune into your power - it begins within.

Smoky Quartz:
Known as the stone of power, Smoky Quartz is strongly connected to the root chakra. It draws white light down through your crown chakra and your energetic system strongly rooting you into Mother Earth. It absorbs and transmutes negative energy & releases it into the Earth to neutralize naturally.

Agate is a beautiful stone to where when you want to focus on rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind & soul. It will help to cleanse the aura while transmuting any negative energies. Agate is a very soothing and calming stone and will help you to move through any feelings of anger and/or tension and help you move into a sense of security and safety.

**Receive the 'Connect to your Mala - Becoming one with your Intention' Guided meditation to connect deeper to your unique mala with purchase. This will be a downloadable attachment that you will receive after purchase.