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The Home Mala has calm, quiet energy and yet is bold in expression. She grounds you into yourself, reminding you to play connecting you to your higher self and your messages that are coming through for you each and everyday. She inspires you to be with yourself, for yourself, to be in all that you are and show up fully in your You-ness.

Smoky Quartz, known as the stone of power is strongly connected to your root chakra. It helps to draw white light down through your crown chakra and your energetic system, strongly rooting you into Mother Earth. It absorbs and transmutes negative energy & releases it into the Earth neutralizing it naturally. This powerful grounding stone helps to keep you rooted in your foundation.

Dalmatian Jasper is a playful stone reminding you to step into your child like wonder and to express yourself in all of your delight! It helps in allowing you to release old stagnant energy, while reminding you of the beauty that life has to offer. The Dalmatian 'spots' are Tourmaline deposits infusing the stone with a grounding & protective energy.

Howlite brings peace and helps to calm the mind. It opens up gateways for greater communication with higher spiritual consciousness. A stone of oneness, allowing you to reconnect with your emotional being, releasing anger and replacing with understanding and tranquility.