The Flow Mala
The Flow Mala
The Flow Mala

The Flow Mala

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Aquamarine, Yellow Mookaite, Matte Moonstone, Green Line Jasper

With an open heart and a strong sense of self this mala reminds you to flow within in all that you are. Allow yourself to be guided and to move with your intuition - all that resides within you is all that you need to know to step forward.

Green Line Jasper
Green Line Jasper, like all Jasper is a beautiful rooting and grounding stone. It's a great stone to wear when you're wanting to feel balanced, close to the earth and connected to all of the abundance that mama Gaia has to offer.

This soft & subtle energy helps to connect you deeper into your heart space, release the walls that you may have built up over time and to live in your essence.

Matte Moonstone
This is a stone of new beginnings. It is strongly connected to the moon and to one's intuition. Moonstone reminds us that the only constant is change and that everything moves in cycles. Moonstone provides deep emotional healing and is said to soothe emotional instability and stress. Moonstone can help calm overreactions to situations and ease emotional triggers.

Traditionally Moonstone has been used to enhance psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance. It reminds and encourages us to embrace our feminine energy.

Yellow Mookaite
Mookaite is such a powerful stone that helps to support you while bringing peace and a feeling of wholeness into your energy. It is a great stone to work with when it comes to decision making and helps one to accept change and move forward with grace.

Mookaite is a very calming stone and will help to strengthen and support your root & solar plexus chakras. Your Solar Plexus being where 'You' sit - your personality, your confidence, your opinions, your magic. Your Root being where your sense of stability & safety are found. Allow yourself to feel grounded when it comes to using this stone and to express your most truest you!

Aquamarine symbolizes the purity of crystalline waters and the calming wisdom of the sea. A stone of tranquility, serenity, clarity and harmony - Aquamarine represents transformation and rebirth. It guides the way and helps you to embody youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth. Allow it to calm you, cleanse you & soothe you.