The Summerscape Mala
The Summerscape Mala
The Summerscape Mala

The Summerscape Mala

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Mookaite, Fresh Water Pearl, Green Line Jasper, Aquamarine

The sun on your skin, the clouds in the sky & the green grass beneath your feet. The Summerscape mala lights you up from within encouraging you to shine your light as bright as the sun in the summer sky, lighting up and giving life to your creations, your relationships, your adventures, your path.

Step forward boldly, take up space, ground yourself deep into the earth and share your wisdom.

You have nothing to hide and only your wonders to shine. One foot in front of the other in presence - pace yourself and move to the beat of your drum in ways that set your soul on fire and watch the road unfold. It's already there showing you the way if you listen.


Mookaite an energizer, a cleanser and an activator. Mookaite Jasper is a powerhouse when it comes to creating a grounded and stable connection to self. This stone activates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras - hello abundance - and inspires you to walk the path of your destiny. You are the CEO of your life.

Fresh Water Pearl, a wise stone that reminds you, wisdom is gained through experience. Pearl is a beautiful soft spoken stone that will bring a sense of strength, inner confidence and serenity reminding you to grow through what you go through. It will help to anchor you into what is most important to you, cultivating a deep sense of self-love and generosity.

Green Line Jasper, like all Jasper is a beautiful rooting and grounding stone. It's a great stone to wear when you're wanting to feel balanced, close to the earth and connected to all of the abundance that mama Gaia has to offer. This soft & subtle energy helps to connect you deeper into your heart space, release the walls that you may have built up over time and to live in your essence.

Aquamarine symbolizes the purity of crystalline waters and the calming wisdom of the sea. A stone of tranquility, serenity, clarity and harmony - Aquamarine represents transformation and rebirth. It guides the way and helps you to embody youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth. Allow it to calm you, cleanse you & soothe you.

Receive the 'Connect to your Mala - Becoming one with your Intention' Guided meditation to connect deeper to your unique mala with purchase. This will be a downloadable attachment that you will receive after purchase.