Crystals - One with Nature

Nature, your home, your healer and your provider.

Crystals are unique, individual pieces of the earth that vibrate and intertwine with your energetic frequency to align you and bring you back into harmony – body, mind & soul. They are tools that can be used to hold your intentions, protect your energetic field, assist you in meditation, connect you back to your inner knowing and can help you manifest.

They are formed in the ground and infused with the properties and frequencies that Mother Earth has gifted them.

Nature is your life force. It is you, it mirrors you, you are the seasons, the elements – you are one with nature, you are one with all.

This is why I say that crystals are so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry that you wear or a rock that sits on your shelf. These rocks, they connect you back to your truth, mirror back to you the parts you are searching for and bring you back to nature, back to your heart.

When it comes to choosing a crystal, I always say, go to what you’re drawn to. You will always be drawn to certain crystals for different reasons, maybe it’s the colour, maybe you just have an inner knowing – whatever is pulling you in the direction of the crystals that you’re drawn towards is your intuition guiding you. Your energy is being drawn to the energy of the crystal and it’s for a reason.

My favourite is when you choose your crystal and then inquire about the meaning – so often I’m met with, wow this is exactly what I need in this moment. It both never ceases to amaze me and doesn’t surprise me in the least. This is such a simple and beautiful way to connect and deepen your connection to yourself and your intuition. It’s important to spend time with your crystals – they want to get to know you. Notice what you’re feeling in your body when you’re interacting with it – tap into your senses and let them guide you.

Make sure to cleanse your crystals (a blog post on this coming soon…) and then set your intentions with them – they love to have a job to do.

Your crystals, your tools – they’re going to help guide you on your journey. Use them as your anchor, as your reminder for the intentions that you’ve set but remember not to give your power away to them. You are working together to bring balance and harmony. Allow them to enhance your power and your uniqueness that makes you, you! They’re not here to save you, they’re here to empower you.

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