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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Just like you and I, your crystals can pick up on energies around them. It’s important to cleanse them when you feel called to. This will help them to stay clear and attuned to your energy and your intentions. Some of my favourite ways to cleanse crystals are: In the Moonlight Place your crystals on your windowsill before you go to bed at night with the intention in mind that they will be cleansed by the moon. It is said that the energy of the moon will bring the vibration of the crystal back to its neutral state which will then be ready for you to set your intention with come the morning! The energy of the moon will still...

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Crystals - One with Nature

Nature, your home, your healer and your provider. Crystals are unique, individual pieces of the earth that vibrate and intertwine with your energetic frequency to align you and bring you back into harmony – body, mind & soul. They are tools that can be used to hold your intentions, protect your energetic field, assist you in meditation, connect you back to your inner knowing and can help you manifest. They are formed in the ground and infused with the properties and frequencies that Mother Earth has gifted them. Nature is your life force. It is you, it mirrors you, you are the seasons, the elements – you are one with nature, you are one with all. This is why I...

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