How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Just like you and I, your crystals can pick up on energies around them. It’s important to cleanse them when you feel called to. This will help them to stay clear and attuned to your energy and your intentions.

Some of my favourite ways to cleanse crystals are:

In the Moonlight
Place your crystals on your windowsill before you go to bed at night with the intention in mind that they will be cleansed by the moon. It is said that the energy of the moon will bring the vibration of the crystal back to its neutral state which will then be ready for you to set your intention with come the morning! The energy of the moon will still cleanse your crystals, even if it's cloudy!

By Visualization
Hold your crystal in your hand and visualize white light washing over and through it - you can do this with your eyes closed or while looking at your piece. Feel into it and allow your intuition to guide you - trust that you'll know when it's fully cleansed. You will often notice a change in the sensation in your hands. This is a fun way to get to know your crystal and it's vibration better while using your intuition!

By Earthing
To 'earth' your crystals, you simply place them on the earth or you can bury them in the earth. They will cleanse by releasing and grounding their excess energy into the earth and will once again come back to their neutral vibration. Leave them on or in the earth for as long as you intuitively feel called! 

With Sage
Another one of my favourite ways to cleanse crystals is to use sage to cleanse them. Not only does sage smell wonderful, its known to clear and dispel negative energy. To cleanse your crystals, simply set your intention, light your smudge and then direct the smoke to where you would like it to go. The energy of the smoke along with your intention will help to release any energy that your crystals have picked up on and will bring them back their neutral vibration.

Cleanse your crystals as often as you feel called to, you can make it a routine ritual or you can do it whenever you feel called to do so. This practise gets to be your own, one that you create to connect deeper to yourself, your intentions and your crystals.

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