Into Your Depths Mala
Into Your Depths Mala
Into Your Depths Mala

Into Your Depths Mala

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Bloodstone, Pink Fresh Water Pearl, Garnet & Aventurine

She is bold, reminding you of your strength, your wisdom and your passion. She observes and becomes a witness to those around, using what is happening outside of her as a mirror, learning, growing and discovering more and more about her truth in every moment. 

She is still, she is quiet, she is wise. She leads from her heart, from her passion and her truth, lighting the path for herself and others, boldly inching forward step by step even when she doesn't know the way.

She knows that the deeper she goes within, the further she can go on the out.


Bloodstone is known as a powerful healing stone and is incredibly protective & nurturing. It is a great stone to wear to help ground you and your energy while bringing you closer to your intuition. It will increase your creativity, stimulate your dreams, revitalize your energy, bring courage in uncomfortable situations and help keep you grounded in the present moment.

Pink Fresh Water Pearl, a wise stone that reminds you, wisdom is gained through experience. Pearl is a beautiful soft spoken stone that will bring a sense of strength, inner confidence and serenity reminding you to grow through what you go through. It will help to anchor you into what is most important to you, cultivating a deep sense of self-love and generosity

Garnet is a take action kind of stone. It brings passion & courage while it helps to revitalize, rejuvenate & reenergize your whole being. It's strong connection to the earth activates your root chakra helping you to feel safe, secure and confident.

Blue Aventurine beautifully combines the elements of both water and wind, connecting the mind and the heart while bringing a sense of calm, rationality and steadiness. This stone reminds you that this life is yours, it is up to you to take full responsibility in all areas! It will help to anchor you into your inner strength, bring peace and inspire open and honest communication. Speak your desires into existence and watch them unfold.