Breathwork 101

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork can be best described as a an active form of meditation! It is a transformational process that uses an ancient two part breathing technique. We breathe in and out through the mouth, deep into the belly, up into the chest and exhale, repeat - creating a fluid motion of the breath within our bodies.

Why do we Breathe?

We breathe to become more present in our homes, aka ourselves, our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Breathwork allows us to slow down, so we can return to ourselves - helping us to feel safe, secure and calm there. It helps open us up so that we can release any stuck or stagnant energy/emotions that are hanging out in our bodies and energy fields. Breathing can bring clarity, deep healing and can help to release overwhelm and anxiety.

Who is it for?

Breathwork can be for you if you're wanting to connect more deeply to yourself. It can help to unleash creativity, release stress and/or anxiety/overwhelm. It can bring healing and deeper insights into your life and yourself. It can be for you if you're wanting to gain clarity or simply if you need to ground yourself and just hit the reset button.

If you're interested in a private 1:1 session, or would like to join a group session - I hold breathwork classes over zoom. Private sessions are done on Tuesdays & Thursdays and right now group classes are taking place Thursday evenings once a month 8pm cst. 

You can sign up for class here.

Please send me an email to to inquire about a private session.