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The stone of Magic, Transformation & the Northern Lights.

Legend has it that Labradorite was discovered by an Inuit warrior. When he came across Labradorite and witnessed the lights in the stones, he perceived this as the lights of the aurora trapped inside them, so he struck the rocks with his spear to release the lights back into the sky.

I love to be reminded by this beautiful stone that like the Northern Lights, even when you're in your darkest moments you are still shining.

This is the stone of transformation, bringing to the surface your inner wisdom and truth. This stone will ignite your imagination helping you to bring your creative ideas into reality, while calming your mind. Labradorite will help you to shine on your darkest days reminding you of all the beauty in and around you. Keep this stone close to bring you strength, courage and a little bit of magic.

*Each bracelet will have its own unique colour & markings. Price reflects one gemstone bracelet.