Soft & Strong Mala
Soft & Strong Mala

Soft & Strong Mala

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A great stone to use when deepening your spiritual gifts as well as connecting with your intuition. It is a highly protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is known to be extremely beneficial in calming the mind, enhancing spiritual awareness and has strong cleansing powers.
Amethyst helps to balance the highs and the lows, promoting emotional centring, helping to dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety.
It is a fabulous stone to use as an aid when overcoming addictions. It can also help to balance and connect the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the self.

Kunzite is a stone that is soft in energy and yet powerful in connection. Joyful and pure, Kunzite is known as the stone of Emotion. She is a beautiful heart opening stone that will help to connect the heart and the mind, stimulating a healing communion between the two. When in balance, the mind and heart work together in creating a life you desire, helping you to make aligned decisions from your highest expression.
Kunzite is a very protective stone, it will help to cleanse & protect your aura. She will help to open your heart to loving the self, others, humanity, plants, animals and the earth. Let her love energy guide you!

Fire Agate:
Known to ignite the passion within, Fire Agate will help to bring clarity in the chaos & connection to your emotions. A stone that will connect you to your deepest desires and provide the courage to bring these desires into fruition.
Deeply connected to your sacral chakra, Fire Agate will help bring it back into balance moving you into a state of grace, helping to open you to more pleasure & allow yourself to move into a flow state.

Unakite radiates feminine, nurturing energy and brings with it love, compassion and kindness. It promotes patience, persistence and helps to release repetitive patterns & habits that are no longer serving you. It is a great stone to support you when you're feeling a little lost, overwhelmed or are having trouble staying present.